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VampireQueen's Characters

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This is a list of all my characters.



RPG: magic school thing

General information

Full name: Elsa Zeigler
Birth date: 19-08-1997
Race: Human / Witch
Sex: Female
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 69 kg

Nicknames: Ulfric. She sometimes uses her male alter ego.
Gender: Female


Description hair: Ginger. Her hair is straight but full, and very long. It reaches past her buttocks.
Description face: She has a square face shape. Her skin is pale and she has lots of freckles. Blue, somewhat downturned eyes. Tiny, pointed nose.
Description body: athletic, small chested and tall.
Description body art: a big dragon and roses tattoo that runs from her right ankle up to her armpit.


Clothing style: Tartan skirts, leather jackets.
Favourite clothes: anything comfortable. For parties and events she usually wears a green dress.
Jewelry: a necklace with her grandparents' wedding rings.


Combat style: She doesn't enjoy fighting, bit she will if she has to. Uses magic and has decent experience with fist fighting. Fights to hurt you.
Strengths: Grabbing hair, scratching. Very fast.
Weaknesses: Not very strong.
Weapons familiar with: None
Powers: None yet.
Taught by: No one yet.


Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, plants.
Passions: Books
Likes:[\b] Animals
Hates: Children
Alignment: Lawful good


Family: Grandparents all still alive, parents still alive (two mothers, regular contact with biological father/donor). Has a younger brother (18 years old) who was adopted.
Pets: Her parents have two cats. Loony and Kat
Friends: Frederika, a girl from her mothers' community.
Lovers: Has dated a guy named Matt for a few years. They recently broke up.
Dislikes: No one.
Enemy: None
Arch enemy: None
Other relationships: None


Childhood 0-5: Change ages according to your character or their race.
Childhood 6-10:
Childhood 11-15:
adolescence 15-20:
Adulthood 21-60:
Elderhood 61+:



You are here » Port Roleplay » Character registration [ooc] » VampireQueen's Characters