The world:

4189 years ago the elves started counting and documenting time. They rule most of the lands now, keeping order and peace between species and races. Not everyone is happy about this, but generally things have gotten better under the elves' rule.
Rumour has it that the far north and the south have some cities with rebel bases.

Some species keep to themselves and live in their own private communities, but cities are a jumble of species and races living together.

The story:

Sometime in the beginning of sapient life, magic created mutations such as vampirism and lycantrophy. At first they were hunted down, but they have found a way to organise themselves and stay hidden. The vampire council has decided to stay out of mortal politics. The lycan coalition, on the other hand, supports the idea of their kind being active in politics.

You are free to chose your own path. Will you try to become part of the powerful vampire council, become a rebel, or are you one of the hunters who try to end the lycans?