You get to spend skill points you gain on all of these skills. Skills marked with "*" can only be aquired when creating a character, or when you find someone to teach you.

Balance: You are able to keep your balance on uneven grounds and ledges.

Bluffing: You can bluff your way out of bad situations, or bluff others into them.

Climbing: Allows you to climb walls where you have some kind of handholds or footholds.

*Crafting: When you pick the crafting skill, make sure to also pick a craft you have been trained in. (This includes things such as disabling devices.)

*Combat technique: Combat technique is important during fights.

Dominance: Dominance determines your rank in most of the vampire and lycan society.This can be a useful skill when dealing with them and their politics.

Healing: Determines how quickly you heal.

Hearing: Hearing someone approaching, or use it for eavesdropping.

Intimidating: Using intimidation to frighten enemies.

*Knowledge: When you pick te knowledge skill, make sure to pick someothing to be knowledgable about.

*Languages: Pick a language you have learned to understand and read.

*Lockpicking: You know how to open locks, or close them without using a key.

*Sense Aura: Sensing when someone is nearby, sensing their strength, sensing their type of power.

Smell: Discovering smells, knowing whether your food is tainted or not, maybe even the ability to use your nose to track someone.

Sneak: You can move silently, escape bounds and stay hidden in shadows.

*Quick fingers: You know the tricks of close-up magic, and can take things without anyone noticing.